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Customer Feedback
I had been using teddyy dispoable nappies for my infant while i was in Punjab.But now that we have shifted to hyderabad , I am unable to get same from any store so far.Therefore i request you to inform me whether you have got any distributor in Hyderabad and their respective addresses. Pre...
Vinay Goyal, LIC of India.
Undoubtedly, Teddyy Nappi Pads are the finest pads available in the market. I have been using them for my daughter who is 8 months old for last 3 months.But I wish to inform you that the same are not available in MEERUT(UP), though Meerut is a major town of UP and only 65 kms from Delhi. ...
I was using Garfield for my baby and I was very satisfied with that. It was out of stock here so I was getting it from another site. But once in emergency I had to select something else, I have gone for teddy and I must tell you. It was so good that I am continuing with same. Its less ex...
Shramana Banerjee Datta
This letter to inform you that i am a willing customer of yours teddyy disposable nappies and really felt that this product of yours got better class and comfort than any other nappies available in the market.
I want to specially mention you that the side elastic of the nappies really...
Abhijit Kerena, Pune
Let me compliment you for the wonderful diapers made available in India. We were depending on Pampers earlier and just tried your stuff recently. Good one. I think I can pramote your product accordingly....
Dr. Sunandini Sharma
I am a very satisfied customer of your Teddyy Baby Nappy Pad. I have been using them for my 4 month old daughter since her birth. The pads are excellent, the unique elastic leg gathers prevent leakage completely. I have used other brands but have not been satisfied at all. I have recently ...
Anand Kumar
We find your Teddyy disposable nappies the best in use for our babies which last for 5 to 6 hours as compared to other company pads which last only two hours and are quite thin too. Since Huggies & Johnson advertise on TV about their diaper pads they are easily available in the market. Whe...
Sravani S
Earlier I used the regular diapers but they used to leave marks on my baby's thighs. But these pads are simply attached to the regular cloth nappy which does not leave any marks around the thighs and is also very free for the baby to move. I use them for short journey's too. They are reall...
Dr Manas roy
We have been using this since last one & half month.
Excellent product comparing with other 2brands available in market.no chance of side leakage due to its unique side elastic if u tie it firmly. Must buy for every couple who have infant....
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