8 ways to take care of your baby this winter

Dec 24,2016

It is that time of the year again, when the mercury takes a drop and the woollens are out. Winter is one of the most awaited seasons, when everything looks great. But taking care of a little one during this time is a super special responsibility. It can be a daunting task to keep your baby safe and comfortable in the season of chill. So don’t take any chances. Here are 8 ways you can make this cold winter a warm and fuzzy one for your baby.

1. Comfortable Clothing –

The temperature is dropping so it is important to dress your baby in warm comfortable clothing. Many a times the woollens maybe warm but might irritate your baby’s skin. Also being too cautious can result in discomfort for your baby. So dress your baby in right, warm comfortable clothing. If you are in a city where it’s just chilly a thick cotton cloth will do the job too.

2. Use good moisturizers –

During winters the skin gets very dry and rough. Be it adults or toddlers, hence making it important to moisturize your baby’s skin. So after a bath and diaper changes make sure you apply a good amount of a good moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin silk smooth and squishy!

3. Personal Hygiene –

It is important to keep your baby clean of course, but it is also very important to maintain personal hygiene. Even simple things like washing your hands before touching your baby or getting close to them are very important. That being said it’s necessary to follow this routine because; the winter brings with it the cold and the flu which are easily transferrable. So by keeping clean you are taking care of yourself and your little one.

4. Oil Massages –

Massage your little baby with oils enriched with Vitamin A and D that are prescribed by paediatricians. Many moms also like to use Mustard and Olive oil to give their baby massages. The oil acts like a natural protection on your baby, keeping the cold away. Nevertheless don’t leave too much oil on their skin it can cause your baby a rash.

5. Diaper Rashes –

Babies pee frequently during the winter. Prolonged usage of a wet or soiled diaper can lead to a rash or a bacterial infection. To avoid that use good quality diapers like Teddyy which have a good absorption rate and an anti-bacterial formula making it the perfect winter gift for your little one.

6. Medicine Support –

Make sure your baby‘s vaccinations are up to date. Your paediatrician may have medicines to strengthen disease fighting mechanisms. So make sure you pay that visit to the paediatrician to avoid later troubles for when it gets cold.

7. Keep your baby close –

We are pretty sure, there is no reason needed to snuggle one with your little one but winter is the perfect time to do so. Apart from the emotional bond that gets strengthened the warmth from your body will also keep your baby warm and happy. Who knew snuggling had its own benefits.

8. Enough Rest –

Apart from all these important tricks, the most important thing is that your baby should get enough rest. This will keep them healthy and refreshed and a little less stress for you too. If your baby can’t sleep, make sure they are comfortable and maybe sing them a lullaby.

Hope these few tricks will help you keep your little one happy and make it a smooth sailing winter. Happy Holidays!