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The loss of bladder control can be a deeply shameful subject, even a minor leak of urine leads to severe distress and embarrassment for a urinary incontinence patient. Such patients tend to avoid social contact which leads to isolation which paves the way for depression. Lack of restful sleep further compounds this problem, and avoidance about the topic ensures that no help will be asked for. Instead of waiting for an elder to gather his/her courage, we urge you to talk to the seniors in your life about this problem. Everyone deserves #BasPaanchMinAur

Tab 3

  • Up to 10 Hrs of Protection

  • Cloth-like; Breathable Sides

  • Dual Paddding

  • Wetness Indicator

Tab 1

  • Wetness Indicator

  • Upto 8 Hours Of Protection

  • High Absorbency

Tab 2

  • Wetness Indicator

  • Cloth-like; Breathable

  • Specially Designed for Indian Bodies

Friends Unwrapped

  1. Top Sheet

    The topmost layer of the diaper, which forms the first breathable layer of comfort for the user! It's hydrophillic, which allows water through.

  2. ADL

    The Acquisition & Dispersal Layer, ensures that liquids are spread evenly throughout the diaper!

  3. Pulp

    Wood pulp forms the soft, cottony part of the diaper, acting as a cushion and an absorbent!

  4. SAP

    Super Absorbent Polymer, converts all the liquid into gel, and locks it into place!

  5. Standing Leg Guard

    Standing Leg Guard, ensures a comfortably snug fit and ensures no leakages happen, no matter what the activity!

  6. Backsheet

    The final layer, which acts like a base and holds the entire diaper in place!

Friends Products

Adhering to techniques of the highest quality, we provide you with a comprehensive solution to urine incontinence

What our customers have to say?

  • “My father suffers from urine incontinence, and he has been asking for Friends, ever since I got this for the first time. He believes that Friends has a better absorption technique and is large enough as oppose to most other adult diapers. ‘Friends’ has indeed been a friend in need.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “I regularly buy ‘Friends’ for my Maa, as she suffers from extreme urine incontinence. She always has had good things to say about its snug fit and the stretchable waistband. Highly recommended for people suffering from urological disorders.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “Urine incontinence is something that has to be dealt with every day. But with ‘Friends’ around me and my father both walk around care-free, day in and day out. ‘Friends’ has great absorbency, brilliant features and amazing comfort.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “Ever since ‘Friends’ was introduced to my mother, she has become more active and healthy. Now more confident with her daily chores, urine incontinence is the last thing on her mind. Thank you ‘Friends’ diaper.”

    Customer Feedback