Collaborated Works

Collaborated Works

Abandoned By Children, How A 60-Year-Old Woman Is Battling A ‘Shameful’ Illness Alone

Mar 23,2017

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, on the border between Delhi and Haryana, lies Lampur village. Here, inside a Delhi government-run old Read More »

Why We Need To Smash Stigma Around This ‘Embarrassing’ Illness That Affects Millions

Mar 18,2017

Life came to a standstill for 35-year-old Lavanya Giri five years ago, post her pregnancy. After giving birth to her son, Giri lost control of Read More »

Urinary Incontinence Is a Common Condition and It’s Time We Start Talking about It

Mar 14,2017

The sight of men and women frequently rushing to the washroom is common. Though it may seem an ordinary issue, more often than not, Read More »

How My 68-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Ditched The Shame Of Bed-Wetting

Mar 11,2017

By Bharti Mehta:
My mother-in-law, Anupama, was 68 when the news broke. Over the last many months, we had passed off her forgetfulness, slurring in Read More »

Ageing Is Cruel. Here Are 6 Ways You Can Help Your Grandparents Lead Easier Lives

Mar 04,2017

My grandmother has always been one of those people, who exude energy, life, and authority wherever they go. Having always seen her as a woman Read More »

अपनी मां को लिखा इस बेटी का लेटर शायद आपको अपने बूढ़े मां-बाप के बारे में सोचने पर मजबूर कर दे

Feb 28,2017

प्यारी मां,
तुम्हें वो दिन याद है जब हम मामाजी के यहां गये हुए थे और मैंने उनके बेड पर सूसू कर दी थी? शायद Read More »

24 Million Indians Suffer Because We Think This Issue Is A Joke

Feb 10,2017

As a child, one of the toughest issues I had to overcome was that of frequent bed-wetting. It was something that would keep me up Read More »

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