International Yoga Day

Jun 21,2017

The real essence of yoga is to help you achieve mental peace and get fit at the same time. It also helps in curing various illnesses through this. It’s a combined technique of asanas and breathing exercises.

There is no age for Yoga so you can do simple asanas with your baby which will give you and your little one some bonding time and not only that, Yoga assists babies in very practical development skills, too, like roll over tummy time and crawling.

For babies who are between 1-4 months old they are just becoming aware of their body and how it moves. Verbally directing them is not very practical; rather you assist them in feeling their body in gentle stretches.

Here is a list of simple asanas to try with your baby:

1) The Wind Releaser – For all those cranky times when the little one is all gassy from the extra milk he had, this one will surely help. Lay your baby on their back. Gently press the bottom of his feet and gently ease his knees towards his chest. Allow your baby to accept the movement. Hold the squeezed in pose for a few breaths, then allow for him to release.

2) Knee-to- chest-pose – Instead of coaxing both the knees into the baby’s chest do it one by one. Again, lay your baby down on their back and gently press one knee towards his chest. Hold the leg there for a breath or twothen release and switch legs. With some tickles and giggles here and there this one will be more of a fun activity.

3) The Good-Morning Stretch – There is going to be no cranky baby in the morning, thanks to Teddyy diapers. But this will make your and the baby’s morning a good one. Lay your baby on her back. Help them extend their arms overhead and legs straight out in the front. Hold for a breath or two and let her release and move naturally.

As and when the babies get older, beyond 5 months their bodies naturally can move into the other yoga poses that can be verbally instructed to them. Like the Bridge and the downward facing dog.

So grab your cutest yoga partner on this International Yoga Day and experiment with some of these Asanas to get fit with your little one.