We strive to be a small yet enchanting part of the magical
experience called 'motherhood'.

Our Story

Started in the year 2000

We strive to be a small yet enchanting part of the magical experience called ‘motherhood’.

Nobel Hygiene – A Happier World

Nobel Hygiene is the undisputed leader in the adult diaper category and the only Indian manufacturer of both, adult and baby diapers. We pioneered the concept of adult diapers in India, and our brand Friends has been the market leader in category ever since it’s launch in 2000. Our baby diaper Teddyy, is India’s largest home-grown baby diaper brand.

At Nobel Hygiene, we belive in creating a healthier, safer environment for the stages in life where one is most vulnerable. All our products are especially designed for the Indian body type, and are made in India with the best materials and technology from all over the world. Over the years, we have continuously made efforts, through varied avenues, to create awareness about the problems of adult incontinence and other related issues.

Nobel Hygiene is one of the leading disposable hygiene products manufacturers in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certification. Headquartered in Mumbai, we are one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in India with an objective of providing Indian consumers with the best-in-class, hygiene products. Nobel Hygiene believes in playing a vital role by contributing to the changes in the lifestyle of its customers. At Nobel Hygiene, our endeavor is to offer people across age groups, with products that will enhance their comfort and confidence and eventually aid in allowing them to lead a stress-free life. Moving one step at a time, towards a Happier World.

The largest Indian baby diaper brand, Teddyy has been transforming the art of baby diapering since the last 16 years. Keeping comfort at the core of the product, our persistent innovation has helped the brand in garnering many a happy toddlers and mothers. From Diaper Pants to Nappy Pads to Wet Wipes and now Changing Mats, we have taken day-to-day baby pee/poop issues and have come up with a solution as a part of our product scope. We strive to keep that smile on your and your little one’s face intact with our embracingly supportive range of products. Happy Teddyy to You!

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What the mothers have to say?

  • “Teddy diaper suits my child completely with no rash or redness whatsoever, thanks to the wetness dryer. Also, it is easier on the pocket too. I highly recommend the diaper to other mothers.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “There is nothing more important to me than my baby’s happiness and health. There is a sense of security that Teddyy brings in my child’s and my life where I don’t have to worry about rashes or redness. I highly recommend Teddyy to anyone who wants to see their child always smiling.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “I used Teddyy Diapers on my heavy wetter for the first time overnight and they did a great job! This product is great and super cute!”

    Customer Feedback

  • “The first time I tried Teddyy on my child she slept peacefully through the night because with other diapers I needed to change her at least 2 – 3 times a night.”

    Customer Feedback

  • “I highly, highly recommend Teddyy Diapers! Not only are they eco-friendly, sustainable, cute, and more absorbent, but I actually see a difference in my son’s diapered skin (probably a result from the better absorbency).!”

    Customer Feedback