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#7 Reasons why Hygiene is so Important for an Entrepreneur

Oct 03,2017

Two ant colonies started afresh, building their empires in the sand. One grew taller with each passing day, a towering tower, red colour shone, and Read More »

International Yoga Day

Jun 21,2017

The real essence of yoga is to help you achieve mental peace and get fit at the same time. It also helps in curing various Read More »

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7 Things No One Tells You about New Motherhood

Feb 22,2017

Motherhood changes a woman’s life, and the realisation of this fact can make an expectant mother nervous. While motherhood has been shown in abundance in Read More »

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Is potty training girls different from training boys?

Apr 10,2017

Did you know that the world over children are being potty trained later and later? Anecdotal data as well as research suggests that with busy Read More »

5 ways to keep your child’s digestive system healthy

Apr 07,2017

From Ayurveda to common sense, everything tells you that if your gut is healthy, the rest of you is healthy. What you put into your Read More »

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  • “Teddy diaper suits my child completely with no rash or redness whatsoever, thanks to the wetness dryer. Also, it is easier on the pocket too. I highly recommend the diaper to other mothers.”

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  • “There is nothing more important to me than my baby’s happiness and health. There is a sense of security that Teddyy brings in my child’s and my life where I don’t have to worry about rashes or redness. I highly recommend Teddyy to anyone who wants to see their child always smiling.”

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  • “I used Teddyy Diapers on my heavy wetter for the first time overnight and they did a great job! This product is great and super cute!”

    Customer Feedback

  • “The first time I tried Teddyy on my child she slept peacefully through the night because with other diapers I needed to change her at least 2 – 3 times a night.”

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  • “I highly, highly recommend Teddyy Diapers! Not only are they eco-friendly, sustainable, cute, and more absorbent, but I actually see a difference in my son’s diapered skin (probably a result from the better absorbency).!”

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